MedX Health Corp.

MedX Health Corp.

New product site for MedX Health Corp's laser therapy products.


Website Design & Development

Content and UI Audit

UI/UX Development


MedX Health Corp.

MedC Health Corp. is a leading Canadian medical device company manufacturing and delivering innovative value-driven light therapy products.

The Problem.

Redesign a site that had been redesigned. (Here are some screenshots of the previous design).

Some examples of the previous redesign

The Challenge.

Create a product site for their laser therapy products without deviating too far from the new main web design,, but improve on it so that it is distinct and separate. The product and sales team felt the main website looked too much like a camping goods store and did not reflect the professional, clinical therapy aspects of the laser products MedX had to offer. The redesign had too many redundant links and was very confusing for the user to navigate.

The Design Process...

Do a content and UI audit so the information is not redundant. Focus on targeting the purchasers - specifically increase sales with US dealers and distributors. Increase Brand awareness. Communicate the value and low cost of MedX products as well as their best warranty in the business.

Gather the content and sketch out a new sitemap.

Low-fidelity site map - version 1

Create a digital version with notes on how to improve it.

Sitemap version 2 > 4. Iterate, iterate and re-iterate!

Style Tiles comparison

The UI audit: Style tiles of the new updated site (left), the previous site (middle), and the new iterated style guide (right).

Wireframing in Sketch app and then off to development using the Wordpress CMS.

High fidelity wireframes of the pages to be developed in Sketch app.

The Solution.

› New colours and typography that reflect the modern and innovative nature of the product and business

› More Call to Actions on the page so the user can explore other products

› Various ways to book a demo

› Updated content with a better hierarchy of headings

› Responsive - Mobile-friendly and resizes to all devices

› Better use of images & more contrast making it easier to read and more accessible

› Client can use the Wordpress CMS to do any minor updates to the site

The Results. View it live.